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Moeseth Hakhamim Official Holidays
Dates 2014-2015

Holiday Date


Yom Teruah  07/09/2013
Yom Kippur 16/09/2013
Hag Sukkoth 21/09/2013
Shemini Asereth 28/09/2013
Fast of Gedalia Shevi'i  30/09/2013
Fast of the 10th of Tebet 13/12/2013
Purim (1st Day) 14/02/2014
Eve Passover (Pessah) 14/04/2014
Passover (Pessah, 1st DAY)  15/04/2014
Yom Hanaphath Ha'Omer 20/04/2014
Shevi'i Asereth (7th Passover) 21/04/2014
Memorial Day (Holocaust) 28/04/2014
Memorial Day (Soldiers) 05/05/2014
Independence Day 06/05/2014
Unification of Jerusalem 28/05/2014
Hag Shavuot Sun. 08/06/2014
The Fast of:
The 9th of Tammuz 07/07/2014
The 7th of Av. 03/08/2014
The 10th of Av. (Eykha) 06/08/2014
Yom HaTeru'ah 26/09/2014

Aviv-Crescent New Moon Official
Holiday Dates 2015-2016

These dates are updated once Aviv is determined and new moon sighted in Israel (estimated dates on new moon potential visibility)
Days of Purim (Yamey HaPurim) March 6-7, 2015 ימי הפורים
If Aviv is sighted New Moon March 22, 2015 חֹדֶשׁ הָאָבִיב
In evening, Passover (Chag Pesach) April 4, 2015 בערב חג פסח
1st Unleavened Bread (Chag HaMassoth) April 5, 2015 א' חג המצות
Wave Omer (Hanafat Ha'omer) April 5, 2015 הֲנָפַת הָעֹמֶר
7th Unleavened Bread (Chag HaMassoth) April 11, 2015 ז' חג המצות
Feast of Weeks (Chag HaShavuot) May 24, 2015 חג השבועות
Day of Shouting/ Blasts (Yom HaTeruah)  2015 יום תרועה
Day of Atonement (Yom HaKippurim) 2015 יום הכפורים
1st Feast of Tabernacles (Chag HaSukkot)  2015 א' חג הסוכות
8th of Assembly(Shemini Atzeret)  2015 שמיני עצרת
Days of Purim (Yamey HaPurim)  2016 ימי הפורים

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The Online Experience


Karaite Jewish University will post teaching lessons on its course management system "Moodle" website. We maintain a library of over 400 articles.  Through the Moodle site students will access lesson material, quizzes and library. We use Google Groups as our forum for exchange of ideas and announcements.


Admission into the course does not guarantee, suggest or imply that a student will automatically be allowed to participate in the Conversion Ceremony.  Participation in the Conversion Ceremony is based upon theological and religious considerations independent of successful course completion. The Conversion Ceremony is carried out by the Karaite Jews of America, an institution unaffiliated with the KJU.